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Luxurian Support Services is an administrative support company specializing in No-Fault/PIP claims in a wide range of medical specialties. By outsourcing your PIP denials, you can free up time and energy that would better be spent on providing patient care. with decades of experience, you can rest assured knowing that all appeals are prepared correctly and that if any issues arise we will quickly resolve them.

With a focus on technology, client service and efficiency, Luxurian Supprt Services can assist your practice with quickly moving claims. Whether your practice needs to clear a backlog or a long-term arrangement, we can provide a smooth transition into arbitration, should it become necessary.

Our Solution

We relieve your staff of the frustrations associated with handling these claims and denial issues. Our team identifies and resolves issues for you and continues working these claims and denial through its transition into arbitration, should it become necessary.

Our Philosophy

Diligence. As Personal Injury Protection claims are subject to varying and specific PIP limits, they require a particular attention and concentration to ensure they are addressed and followed up on to prevent a loss in revenue due to exhausted policies. Because our focus are these types of claims and getting them paid, all denials are appealed within three-(3) days.

Our Commitment to Results

When a denial is received, we review and forward a comprehensive appeal within three-(3) days. If denial is upheld, the claim is quickly forwarded to an attorney at no additional expense to the medical provider. 

We can establish a program that which works best with your practice and keep claims moving.

Our Inception

After years of providing legal support to attorneys with their PIP Arbitrations, it was evident that some medical providers lose track of their PIP claims and the time constraints associated. The files received for arbitration were appealed months or years after denials received. Also common was receiving files that had also been appealed months or even years prior and in several cases which may increase the possibility of an exhausted policy.

Our Process

Delegate your PIP denials to our team of specialists.

Files are shared through secure file transfers and in cases where offices do not maintain digital files, we can develop a procedure where we can have a team member visit your practice and scan files using a portable scanner.

File is reviewed and patient-specific Post-Service appeal is sent addressing the EOB denial within three-(3) days.

Once a follow-up is done, if paid in full, we close our files. If no payment is receive or if underpaid, the file is forwarded to an attorney for arbitration immediately at no cost to the medical provider.

We forward monthly status reports on all pending claims.

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