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Support Services

The solution to your unpaid PIP claims!

Luxurian Support Services is an administrative support company specializing in No-Fault claims in a wide range of medical specialties.

In New Jersey, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is mandatory and its specific purpose is to provide coverage for medical bills incurred for treatment related to motor vehicle accidents.

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We know the challenges that may arise in obtaining payment from an insurance company and possess the skills and knowledge to navigate denials and move your claims toward payment.

Outsourcing your unpaid PIP claims

EOB Denials

Flexible and adaptable to the needs of your practice, we offer services to a wide range of specialties, whether a small practice or a large office.

Post-Service Appeals

Our experienced staff navigates Explanation of Benefits and other insurance company correspondence and prepare a comprehensive Post-Service Appeal specifically addressing the denial.


If the claim remains unpaid, our staff prepares the file to send to an attorney for arbitration. We can obtain monthly status reports the claims which require arbitration.

Why Choose Us

20+ Years of Experience

Monthly status reports


Client Service

Adaptable to your practice's needs

Excellent Client Service

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